WHILE the House JGO is steadfast on “DOING the PEOPLE’S Business” the Governor’s Crew is now being true-to-form and predictable in “Protecting & Serving” the Governor, not YOU!  The sad part is they ALL swore an oath that they just tossed out the window with the little integrity they had left. I don’t know what the Governor told them in their “secret meeting in OUR Legislature” after the FBI raid, but it must have been awful powerful. They haven’t stopped Protecting & Serving him to this VERY-DAY, especially when it’s clear the Governor has been making us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats pay for all of his family’s utilities. The proof is right there for them to see but they still want to protect the Governor and even allow him to continue abusing his authority as Governor.

The Democrats and the Speaker did their job to end some of the abuse by the Governor when he vetoed the Legislation that would put an end to the ridiculous utility bills the People are being FORCED to pay. I keep telling voters they are going to have to teach ALL of this group of Republicans a lesson because they don’t CARE if the Governor is wrong and it seems they don’t CARE that WE the People are watching them “protecting & serving the Governor” instead of the People who elected them. Voters really need to take note of these Republicans who voted “no” on overriding the Governor’s veto.  I keep saying they really need to be taught a lesson because they are going to just keep on ignoring what is “right & just” FOR the People in their quest to “Protect & Serve” the Governor, not YOU!

 Here are the names of the you-know-who Republicans protecting and serving the Governor with NO Respect FOR the People who put them in office: Roy Ada, Blas Attao, Joel Camacho, Angel Demapan, Joseph Flores, Leepan Guerrero, John Paul Sablan, and Patrick San Nicolas. Just like the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, I was hoping for at least “ONE” to be “RIGHTEOUS” and do RIGHT, which is why I keep saying teach ALL of them a lesson in 2022!  But these Republicans have a long-standing history of disrespecting the People they work FOR.  The Casino was disrespectfully forced down our throats. Oh, the give-away of the Mariana Resort without a Lease was disrespectful and I could go on with the list of disrespectful acts by Republicans. They have been in power soooo long they don’t believe they can all be kicked out and even be Governor again like we are stupid.  But FYI Republicans, voters have seen enough of your ugly Republican Consequences.

These Republicans are Protecting & Serving the Governor right in front of our faces like WE the People don’t even matter — they really have some nerve to think they can get away with helping the Governor continue to get away with forcing the People to pay for his family members’ utilities. This is just getting to be entirely toooo much and I’m sure there are thousands of voters who can’t wait to see this kind of corruption and misuse of OUR money come to an end.  We the People need a government that will “Protect & Serve the People” and not a Crew of officials who have sworn their allegiance to their “king” figuratively. At least we now know an impeachment is going to be impossible if they will protect & serve the Governor over utilities — voting Democrat is OUR only means to put an end to ALL of these Republicans.

To be continued: One people One Direction.  

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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