THERE is no doubt and no one can deny the Democrats made the right choice with Rep. Tina Sablan who can be TRUSTED for Governor as she is also the author of the Open Government Act —  she is really a “double-whammy” killing both of the Republicans’ chances.  Republicans are trying their same old “divide & conquer scheme, but the People finally have a genuine candidate for Governor who they don’t have to worry about being corrupt.  Rep. Tina Sablan has a very long-standing record for “trying to hold our Governor accountable and for transparency in our government.” She will truly be a “Champion OF, FOR & BY the People” who’s trust is already well established to do the People’s bidding, unlike the shattered trust in Republicans.

The “hand-writing is on the wall” and it’s just a matter of time now before the CNMI can truly make real changes and improvements in our government with Governor Tina Sablan and Democrats. As we say back in the hood, “it’s a new day that will be dawning in 2022” giving the People real HOPE and BELIEF that “WE, as a People CAN do BETTER.” The Lt. Governor was talking about “rebuilding trust” but he didn’t know that his competition for the Democrats is one of the MOST TRUSTED in our government. Rep. Tina Sablan fought for the longest to get the “Open Government Act” re-applied to the Legislature after it was soooo obvious that even Republicans voted for this Law because it was badly needed after the conviction of Governor Fitial.  Rep. Tina Sablan will not only be a great Democrat Governor working hard FOR the People but she can also work with Republicans to do the RIGHT-THING FOR the People.

The past six years under the Torres Administration has been one fiasco after another filled with “deflecting and gaslighting lies” to cover-up the corruption. I am just sooooo glad the Rep. Tina Sablan and all the other Independents remained professional and didn’t take offense to me pushing them to join the Democrats and now we are really starting to see the fruits of my efforts that some of them have even told me they appreciated.  The Democrats are NOT like the Republicans, because if you get on a Republican’s case, you are immediately “Black-balled.” However, this group of Democrats are truly the People’s Party who have always “respected and even sometimes appreciated constructive criticism” which is a genuine sign of real PROFESSIONALISM! I can’t thank the former Independents enough for not getting mad at me when I was getting on their case to join the Democrats and I’m sure voters will continue to reward them as Democrats with seats in our government, especially if voters want to fix our economy and improve the quality of our government and the quality of life in the CNMI.

I heard the Governor plans to offer “paying back all the money he misused” in a last-ditch effort to try and sway the opinion of voters to his side, but I think most voters with common sense will say “it’s tooooo little and tooooo late.” The Governor has done nothing but deflect and block the efforts of the House JGO when he promised to explain everything over a year ago and to-date there is still no voluntary explanation and he was even trying to prevent his Executive Assistant from testifying as there may be even MORE things which could be exposed that we don’t even know about. I know there has to be literally thousands of voters who can’t wait to figuratively “get-off this un-safe rollercoaster ride the Governor has us on that has taken us nowhere,” just round & round and up & down — for TRUE!  Tina Sablan for Governor, it is really that simple for fixing the CNMI. 

To be continued: One people One Direction.   

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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