THE GOOD on the horizon is definitely the hope that Rep. Tina Sablan will be our next Governor who will surely be working to “undo all the BAD generated by Republicans and erase all the Ugly in the Executive Office that has been going on under Torres and Republicans.  Republicans even have the NERVE to tout and promote the idea of “the Republican Party being ultraistic (extreme power) in winning 5 straight Gubernatorial elections” which really shows their NARCISSISTIC attitude.  Republicans have used “extreme methods to win” as Independent Republicans & Covenant only to re-unite in the run-off as Republicans and now they are running that same old UGLY Political Play. Republicans figuratively “bullied the previous Gubernatorial Candidate from Rota using his family to force him into pulling out and there is the ALLEDGED bribing of Ambrosio & Democrats so Angel could be speaker. These are just two recent examples of their “bad & ugly” and I’m sure readers can add to this list.

The Republican “divide & conquer voters” scheme in elections has worked in the pass which is why I keep asking voters to simply vote a “straight Democrat” if they truly want to overcome these Republican Political Schemes designed just to win but NOTHING for YOU once elected.  It’s also obvious the Governor thinks he is “untouchable” which is why he just continues with his “bad & ugly politics” to defy the expectations OF the People and the efforts of the JGO Committee even though he PROMISED that he “had nothing to hide and that he would freely explain.” The Governor is doing his best to “string-along the JGO Committee” for as long as possible because the longer it takes them the better it is FOR the Governor. Furthermore, the House & Senate Republicans ARE NOT going to vote to Impeach the Governor anyway given the eight Republicans who wouldn’t even hold the Governor accountable for the ridiculous utility bills for HIS “extended family members” who should be paying their OWN utility bills.

 No one can deny that WE the People have been going through entirely toooo MUCH “bad & ugly” and even embarrassing times with the RICO Investigation that is still pending under Governor Torres. This guy is facing “Impeachment & RICO” which I hope is enough for every voter with common sense to KNOW it’s time to get rid of him. For me, he doesn’t even deserve to be called “Honorable Governor” anymore given he could be the BIGGEST LIER the People may have ever seen in the CNMI.

The JGO should speed-it-up and get on to other things, just think, if the present Democrats and hopefully our new Democrat Governor can just “CLEAN-UP some of the Mess made by these Republicans” like La Fiesta, Mariana Resort and a NEW Casino/Hotel Investor the CNMI will be off to a much better start in “rebuilding our economy.”  The Democrats already have the TRUST of the People and if they just continue to show they are “DOING the People’s Business on the things the Republicans FAILED to DO, voters will surely have to seriously consider a “straight Democrat Ticket.” The “rebuilding trust” slogan by the Lt. Governor was just another Republican “Gaslighting Show to try and trick voters into thinking about “trusting Arnold” when it should be about “rebuilding our economy” that Republicans have literally DESTROYED — for TRUE! These Republicans have “used half-truths in the pass to gaslight and cover up the whole-lie” they are telling, as my MaDear might say.  It is truly time for voters to come to the conclusion that the GOOD Tina & Democrats are a much better choice than the BAD & UGLY Republicans — it’s just that simple.

To be continued: One people One Direction.   

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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