THE recent outburst to create chaos by defeated candidate Grace Sablan-Vaiagae asking the Speaker to investigate Rep. Ed Propst just shows and even proves that she is just a “Republican LOYALIST and a Sore Loser.”  I can remember her being adamant about “having fun with the election” as if there was no animosity and a clean election bid on her part. Now she shows her TRUE Colors with her request to dig up an old investigation against Rep. Propst that is around 20 years old and far pass its “statute-of-limitations”!

In the 2020 election, they tried the SAME THING to get rid of Rep. Propst only for voters to make a fool of Republicans by voting Rep. Propst back-into-office with the MOST votes from his precinct and to add SHAME to the Republicans he didn’t even campaign. This tells me the People of the CNMI have a lot of faith in him and support for Rep. Propst who has been doing a fantastic job. But now I’m sure these Republicans see Ed Propst as the most dangerous person in the Democrat Party, second only to Rep. Tina Sablan in defeating their two candidates. I believe the LAST thing they want to see is for Tina & Ed to join forces for the Governor & Lt. Governor posts as they have truly been our “Corruption Fighting DUO” for many years as Independents. Now they are both in a Party that they both helped to revive making them the BEST duo for the Party to gain control of the Executive Offices.

Ed Propst, for me, is the BEST person to run with Rep. Tina Sablan as they both already have a well-established reputation for being TRUSTED and working FOR-the-People! I know Rep. Tina Sablan is now considering candidates to run with her and I can only PRAY she will seriously consider Rep. Propst who has been with her since the beginning of their political careers. I know there are people concerned about the fact that Rep. Propst is not Chamorro or Carolinian but I think it’s about TIME the CNMI ended this “Local Preference” which is really a form of “racism” when the selection is based on race. Furthermore, EVERYONE of our officials in Government’s history & present-day are Locals, so what is wrong with one person in our government not being a Local — NOTHING! In fact it would finally be GREAT for the rest of us who are not local and for the CNMI’s reputation of “diversity & inclusion.”

Demonstrating impartiality to a non-local will help the entire CNMI move forward and away from the “Locals Only as Leaders” that has been instituted by Republicans but it’s WRONG!  The people of Rep. Propst’s precinct don’t care that he is not a local and there isn’t really anything Republicans can say or do to hurt Rep. Propst. It’s just like Rep. Propst said, “this is a political hit story coming at a time when we are investigating [Gov.] Ralph Torres for corruption. Nothing new here.” But I would like to add, the Republicans have gotten wind of the fact that Ed Propst is highly being considered to run with Rep. Sablan and this complaint is just their effort to try and derail Rep. Propst chances again.

I keep reminding voters of how the previous Democrat candidate for Governor was forced to not-run and more recently the alleged attempt to get Ambrosio to sabotage the Democrats so Angel could be Speaker. This old-rehearsed claim against Rep. Propst was really like a flare being sent up that Rep. Propst is Republican’s biggest challenger second only to Rep. Tina Sablan. I will respect whomever she chooses but I do know and its clear now that the Republicans don’t want it to be Ed Propst which is WHY it should be “Tina & Ed” in 2022. 

To be continued: One people One Direction.

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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