REPRESENTATIVE Sheila Babauta is just awesome and she proved that the CNMI can be on the International Stage at the United Nations addressing our challenges along with other nations.  Her appearance at the COP-26 in Glasgow Scotland sharing the CNMI’s story and introducing President Obama was in deed AWSOME! Rep. Sheila Babauta truly understands that our politics should not stop at our reefs if the CNMI is to truly control our destiny when it comes to our environment and military intrusions.  KUDOS to Rep. Sheila Babauta and to her parents for doing a great job and I’m sure her parents and the entire CNMI is extremely proud of Rep. Sheila Babauta.

Being her former “third party custodian as her teacher,” I am couldn’t help but to highlight Rep. Sheila Babauta. Having taught ALL of the “Jack-girls” it was truly a pleasure, as they were some of the ones I didn’t have to worry about doing their school-work. There are some students that teachers worry about and there are those whom seem destined, even in high school, to be a “somebody.” I use to ask my students do you want to be a somebody or a nobody and tell them to get a “title in front of or behind their names.” Well, Representative Babauta has truly become a SOMEBODY in the CNMI and the great part is she is just beginning her career as a politician with the capacity to one day ascend to the Commonwealth’s highest office. Rep. Sheila Babauta did something in getting before the U.N. that I had previously tried to get Republicans to do in promoting the CNMI’s argument to keep the Garment Industries, but they didn’t listen.  The CNMI was being treated like a foreign country under the World-Trade Organization Countries which was dead wrong but our leaders didn’t even know how to fight our political battles on the International Stage and wouldn’t listen. Rep. Sheila Babauta has clearly taught us that our politics aren’t limited to our shores nor at a dead-end in Washington.

Don’t Believe the Governor’s HYPE!

The JGO has to be poised to file charges against the Governor’s Executive Assistant just like we see the U.S. Congress filing charges to have people arrested for not complying with their Congressional Subpoena. I’m sure the JGO is contemplating having the Governor’s Executive Assistant arrested and forced to testify and they should as “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.”  What got me was the “hyped-up gaslighting show created by the Governor asserting his dissatisfaction over the accusations of his crimes” but he didn’t so much as offer a teaspoon of any proof that he is innocent, even though he PROMISED that he would. 

But what voters need to know is that the Governor Gaslighting Hype Show was not really about him but an attempt to “deflect the attention away from his Executive Assistant” who is now clearly on the “hot-seat” given she never testified. The Governor wants us to just forget about her and focus on him when he is also dodging the reality of having to testify. He is trying to tell us don’t believe the evidence but he hasn’t offered anything to give us cause to doubt the evidence. In a trial it is now time for the “defense to put on its case” but the Governor doesn’t have a case to put-on, just deflecting and gaslighting matters.

Nobody is picking on you Governor, as you brought this all down on yourself thinking you could do anything and get away with anything, just like your former counterpart Trump. You two belong together and may even end up together once all the “smoke & mirrors, the deflecting & gaslighting, and the futile efforts to hide things and stop people from testifying” comes to an end. Voters are not buying your hype Governor as you have “lied to us, killed our economy and embarrassed the CNMI with the RICO Investigation and your corruption” — it’s OVER for you and it’s just a matter of time! To be continued: One people One.

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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