I THINK most of us with KNOW there is a constant battle between “good v evil” and politics is no exception. Robert Hunter and others have constantly attacked private citizens and continue to attack me in the Comment Section that seems to go “un-checked” by ethical standards. For years people have been talking about the “evils of our politicians” and all the talk was about “these-Republicans” for the past two decades who are now PROVEN FAILURES but emissaries like Hunter want you to think differently!

I’ve been battling evil to try and make a difference in the CNMI since early-1990s nearly 30 years of trying to HELP the People in seeing the WORSE and what might be BEST for the CNMI. Not even my staunchest critics can say that I was lying in the THOUSANDS of op-eds and other opinion articles — so I must be telling the TRUTH that HURTS!  I’ve even proven my worth when I had to remind the People and the Powers-that-BE with my many “I Told You So” articles of TRUTH and the CONSEQUENCES. The Trolls of the Governor and their helpers have never stopped with their attacks on Social-Media and in this paper but NONE of them have offered any substantive help FOR the people.

FYI Hunter, my past and character had NOTHING to do with your wife getting raises and her job-favoritism. It is also disappointing to see the editor allowing this guy to even bring up my past record that is nearly 50 years old, especially when others have already attacked me using this same old ugly tactic. I don’t think people want to read about my 50-year-old past they already know about when WE are facing possible Economic DOOM to our Tourism Industry BY Republicans who ran the Japanese away FOR the Chinese even in defiance OF the People — TRUE Reality!

Hunter can only attack my past, he even wants you to think I was convicted of Domestic Violence when in reality “Officer Fitial filed a FALSE Police Report and I only pled guilty to disturbing the peace for beating up MY own car” to save my family from a trial that I could have WON!  He wants you to only think evil & ugly about me but I would like to offer this for consideration: 1) I taught and inspired thousands of our youth for 18 yrs. 2) I wrote the first and only Elementary Social Studies Textbook based on the Marianas for which I got a House & Senate Resolution. 3) I was the 1st Runner-Up to the Teacher of the Year TWICE! 4) Teachers elected me to the Board of Education. 5) I was a Mock Trial Coach & Finals Judge. 6. I am a James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar recognized by the U.S. Congress). 7) I am a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar. 8) I am a Humanities Life Time Achievement Recipient for my activities dating back to the Civil Rights Movement to present day. 9) I have a BA in Economics with a Minor in Sociology, a MA in Education and the equivalent of a MS in Political Science. 10) I have an IQ of 139 which gives me considerable advantage over my critics and Trolls like Robert Hunter who made it possible for me to present the great and even extraordinary things I have done trying to make a difference in the CNMI. So I respectfully ask readers “what has Robert Hunter done for the CNMI other than attacking people FOR his Godfather” who must go and take Hunter with him?  Time is on MY side! To be continued: One people One Direction.

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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