THE Governor’s alleged Criminal activities were confirmed by the Lt. Governor with two words — Amazing & Overkill and the Governor should RESIGN if he really cares. The Urban Dictionary defines a weasel as “shifty, scheming person that will do whatever they need to escape whatever they fear in the moment” and in the case of our Governor it’s achieving his “PERSONAL INTENTIONS” driven by GREED & POWER — for TRUE!  I was waiting for the Lt. Governor’s testimony because the PROOF of the Governor’s illegal activities had already been proven but his role in the Governor’s affairs makes him the “lynchpin” in this investigation.

But I must first and foremost THANK Lt. Palacios for his forthright & truthfulness with his testimony before the House JGO Committee. While I don’t agree with other things he has done and failed to do, his testimony was empirical PROOF of the “weasel type behavior of the Governor.” I just wish the Lt. Governor would have shown me the sane “civility” when I was getting on the Senate’s case for their failures with the Cannabis Bill.  But his testimony was very compelling proof that the Governor was “manipulating the travel Laws and the Travel process” for his personal intentions! How can any man of “so-called integrity and character” ask for a reimbursement for something when he was given a per diem to purchase his food? Making it WORSE, he even made-up petty “Meeting LIES” to cover for his criminal reimbursement schemes!

It’s easy to see why the Lt. Governor is not running with the Governor this time around but the damage is done because he had ALL those concerns about inappropriate activities and NEVER cried FOUL to the People until now after being put on the spot. But he was smart enough to know that he had no choice but to TELL the TRUTH or look like a FOOLISH LOYALIST like the DPS Commissioner did! The Lt. Gov. had a fiduciary duty to “TELL the PEOPLE that the Governor was breaking OUR Laws” but WE know it was his “Republican Loyalty” that prevented him from “blowing the whistle” on the Governor, which is why his political career is over too as it was clear that he KNEW BETTER! Voters also need to note that these Hearings would have NEVER taken place if Angel Demapan had been Speaker but thankfully voters elected Democrats to control the House.

First, the Governor gets on the FRONT Page with his “Prosperity Lie.” 2. Again on the newspaper swearing that he was going to “explain ALL the purchases & reimbursements” publicly LIE. 3. Now the Governor again is on the Front Page of the newspaper swearing that the American Rescue Plan Act funds are being used properly which is a LIE when Sixto already has 80 million stored away. We have witnessed the Prosperity Lie, the Explanation on Travel & Reimbursement Lies and now the ARPA Funds Gaslighting-Lie. Most of us with common sense know that 3-strikes and you are OUR Governor so resign and save the CNMI the cost, time and EMBARASSMENT of what is to come —  Impeachment and even Federal Prison.

GOVERNOR, if you have any integrity or character left it’s time to resign as you have been CAUGHT looking like a “WEASEL in a trap” figuratively. I really don’t understand WHY you are even taking us through all of this with the mentality of a real Godfather. I can remember advising your predecessor to not even run and spend time with his family that fell on deaf ears and now I’m giving you the same advice to resign before you end up in jail.  To be continued: One people One Direction. 

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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