THERE can be nothing but KUDOS and THANKS for the “amazing & overkill” obtained by the JGO Committee through their diligent work to apply the “checks & balances” on the Governor as required by OUR Constitution.  We the People are fortunate to have the Democrats in control of the House and not the Governor’s Angel Demapan.  We finally have politicians who actually have integrity unlike our “DISHONEST Governor & Crew” who constantly “betrayed and played-us” with their malarkey.

I wonder what Sen. Vinnie Sablan was thinking while watching the Lt. Gov’s testimony. While the Lt. Governor didn’t fool anyone with common sense seeing his “blind-eye excuses & putting the blame on the Secretaries” killing his chances to get re-elected, it was also obvious Vinnie just threw-away his political career being LOYAL and falling for the Governor’s malarkey. Vinnie should have known when the Lt. Governor was jumping ship that he should have NEVER got on board. Thanks Senator Sablan for opening a seat that hopefully voters will be eager to fill with a Democrat.

The Governor gives Sixto & DPL 80 million with his malarkey scheme when DPL doesn’t need the money.   Everyone with common sense and a vested interest in the Retirement Fund, our Hospital and the Referral Program know that they need the money far MORE than DPL. DPL needs to “clean-up & fill-up” the existing Homesteads that have over a thousand “jungle & forfeited Lots” that need to be re-issued. Furthermore, the Governor gave HIS Secretary of Finance “reprogram ability for the 80 million as he sees fit” so it’s really not even DPL’s money and who knows where it will end up with this “unchecked reprograming malarkey.” I hope voters see this as one of many CLEAR reasons WHY the Legislature should have budgeted the ARPA Funds to avoid the Governor’s malarkey. The Governor didn’t even mention “paying back” the 15 million dollars loaned to him. The ARPA funds offer a GREAT opportunity to put the Retirees and especially the critical infrastructure of our Hospital and the Referral Program on SOLID ground as the CNMI could even purchase a Hotel on Guam. The CNMI is literally spending more than enough in “Hotel Room Rental Costs,” averaging between 70 to 90 rooms per-day, to be paying a Note on OUR own Hotel saving us MILLIONS over time. But our Governor is FULL of malarkey with no room for real progress.

But more importantly from a pure Political Science perspective “we still have some difficult days ahead” based on the “numbers” and Republicans will surely fool some voters with their two-prong approach to retaining the Executive Seat. There are literally thousands of impoverished voters without internet and may never see the testimony, which calls for “an active citizenry” who are endowed with the responsibility and ability to educate those who didn’t see his testimony. There were an estimated 11,000 total views, which is surely a large number of people who viewed the Lt. Gov.’s lynch-pinning testimony but the CNMI has 18,000 voters and most of the 9K viewers on Kandit were Guam viewers and not CNMI voters.

We can’t assume and be content with the newspapers and social-media being enough to educate the majority. So, to the end of truly educating all the voters about the Hearings and the need for Democrats, it is VITAL that WE the People do all we can to make “out-reach efforts” to educate our friends and neighbors who didn’t see his “lynch-pining testimony.” So please tell a friend to tell another friend about the Lt. Gov’s testimony so we can hopefully end all this malarkey we are being subjected to.  To be continued: One people One Direction.

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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