IT was VERY CLEAR to me that Pedro Paduna R. DL Guerrero was outright “grandstanding and poli-tricking FOR Arnold & Dave with his public outburst to complain about the Democrat Party Chair & Vice Chair.”  This is the same Paduna who told me to shut up in our strategy meeting when I was pushing for the former Independents to join the Democrat Party and it should be noted that Uncle Herman R. DL Guerrero even apologized to me FOR his brother’s ugly and unacceptable behavior. Paduna has a history of being disrespectful but he was treated with the utmost respect as he was the “leader in our strategy sessions” but it seems he doesn’t respect leadership unless he is at the helm — narcissistic. First, he IS NOT a Central Executive member and when a person is given a “proxy it is a FORMAL matter that is supported with formal notification” which DID NOT happen. Paduna just showed up being disruptive in what was clearly a “closed-door meeting for Executive Committee members ONLY” thinking he could run the show, which was disrespectful and totally unacceptable.

Secondly, Paduana needs to be made aware of the FACT that Nola and Danny ARE NOT running for office so his complaints about them is really a MOOT issue for voters — duh!  Furthermore, Paduna has not been active with the Party since the addition of the former Independents and for him to show-up grandstanding and complaining seems more like it was PLANNED than happenstance, especially when he ended up supporting Arnold & Dave invoking the lie of them “restoring trust” when they are part of the reason there is NO TRUST. I personally think he was a Republican Spy all along and I guess he thinks voters are stupid too just like the Governor who thinks he can tell us anything and we will accept it on face value.

Third, it was also Arnold & Dave who called for the meeting and they were entertained merely out of genuine RESPECT but now it is clear even that was a “set-up” for Paduna to try and sling mud on the Party. Arnold & Dave are die-heart Republicans who would NEVER run as Democrats. Now WE the People can see WHY Arnold & Dave called for the meeting just to grandstand and do some poli-tricking to try and improve their chances, which are dismal as most of us with common sense KNOW they can’t restore a trust that they did nothing about just sit back watching the Governor destroying the People’s trust and even our entire economy.

Paduna wants voters to think he is a Democrat who is dissatisfied with the leadership when he hasn’t been a “full-blooded Democrat” since the 1990s.  He has been aligned with Republicans and has worked FOR and WITH the Republicans until recently when the FBI conducted their raids and it was obvious Governor Torres’ political career is on borrowed time. Now that Arnold & Dave have surfaced, he wants to change banners again because the Democrat Party wouldn’t let him take-over, which tells me his “Poli-tricking Show” was more about “spite, vengeance & poli-tricking” as he isn’t fooling anyone. 

Paduna along with Arnold & Dave know that the Democrat Chair & Vice are nice people who don’t want to deal with the “ugly poli-tricks” that are being played but there are others in the Party who don’t mind doing the heavy lifting and getting dirty to clean up things.  So Paduna, Arnold & Dave and any other Republicans had better LEARN HOW to play fair and above board because there will be consequences like this Opinion Letter that will expose them for WHO & WHAT they really are — a bunch of “HAS-BEENS” who are trying any and everything just to stay in power. FYI Paduna, you are the only one leaving the Party for politics and Rep. Tina Sablan and her running mate will represent a Brighter FUTURE, not restoring the same old GOP-BS as the days of the “good-old-boy Republicans” are OVER!

To be continued: One people, One Direction for Democrats!  

The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.



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