MY wife did not get a 60% pay raise. In fact, after working at the Department of Finance for nearly three years for around the same pay ($30,000), despite having 14 years of significant accounting experience in the private and public sectors and a BA and Masters in accounting (graduating Summa Cum Laude).

When the position at the Public Assistance Office became available, she took it. There was no “raise.” Considering her qualifications, her pay at the DOF was not close to equitable. When I moved from PSS to the CCAC, the salary for my new position was $5,000 more. When I moved from the position of Program Coordinator to Executive Director at the CCAC, the pay for that position was $11,000 more than what I was getting. When I moved from there to the Museum, the pay for that position was $10,000 higher. Those weren't “raises,” they were different positions with different salaries.

This is politically driven nonsense pure and simple. And to boot, my wife has serious offers on the table right now that pay well higher than this supposed “raise.” She is a very qualified career accountant.

I am not surprised this comes from former convicted drug mule and domestic violence arrestee Ambrose Bennett...the guy whose “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the NMI Humanities Council single-handedly put into question the legitimacy that several decades old organization had developed, and who is less stable than a porcelain saucer balanced on a pencil's tip.


Saipan, CNMI

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