I READ the Variety faithfully and attempt to fathom the political maneuvers preparing for next year's CNMI general election.  I have met all the gubernatorial candidates professionally or socially and have no personal issues with any of them.

What is scaring me is that I hear no universal commitment to a realistic plan to rebuild the Commonwealth's economy!  Without an adequate tax base, everything will start coming unglued.  The federal funding bonanza will not last long.

Tourism, maybe gambling tourism, is the only realistic option for economic "revitalization" and everyone knows it — barring convincing Asian men that consuming powdered Saipan coral will enhance their manhood.  If tourism isn't properly developed, and any such effort must be massive and immediate, "the party's over."

Yes, I am a CNMI retiree, but my "annuity," as it is now called, is about 10% more than the Oregon minimum wage. With the need for workers and the lowering of the Covid threat (?), I figure I'll have a decent shot at such jobs, despite age discrimination.

Sauve qui peut,


CNMI retiree

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