THE Bicol Association of the Mariana Islands Inc. or BAMI would like to say thank you to the donor and volunteers of its second relief drive in the Bicol region, south of Manila, the Philippines.

In April 2021, the Bicol Association successfully delivered  assorted relief items to the typhoon victims in Nato, Sangay, Camarines Sur for about 400 families. Funding  came from BAMI’s fundraising activities.

When it learned that BAMI,  conducted a relief drive operation, RNV Construction of Saipan donated $5,000 to the group so it could provide relief goods to the pandemic victims in the Bicol region.

By way of a raffle, BAMI chose two Bicol provinces — Albay and Sorsogon — as recipients of the pandemic relief goods.

On May 6, 2021, relief items in the amount of $2,500 were distributed to the residents of Santo Domingo, Albay. The operation was facilitated by BAMI vice president Jordan Danao in collaboration with the Dominican Scholarship Assistance Fund Inc. or DSAFI, Albay.

Morevel Infante Magallanes and Don Balin of DSAFI  said they would like to express their gratitude to BAMI and to its VP, Jordan Danao, “for choosing our community to be the recipient of your organization's pandemic relief items.”

 These consisted of rice, assorted canned goods, milk, sugar, coffee and face masks.

“These are of great help to the recipients especially during this time of unprecedented crisis,” DSAFI said.

Seeing how happy the recipients were made us happy too. The task before us was huge because of the restrictions, but through the help of family, friends and DSAFI scholars, we were able to pull off this initiative. On behalf of all the recipients, “Dios mabalos po sa indo gabos.” God will return the favor.

Relief items in the amount of $2,500 were sent to Barangay Rizal West District in Sorsogon through the assistance of Philip Lacay, a former employee of the CNMI Department of Public Works who is now based in Barangay Rizal West, Sorsogon.

As in Albay, the relief items provided to Sorsogon were distributed via house-to-house deliveries because of the pandemic protocols.

BAMI would like to thank the volunteers : Ms. Darell Austria, Mrs. Armin Borras, Ms. Sheryl Baliwas, Mrs. Julie Ann Ballaran of Santo Domingo, Albay, and the DSAFI scholars who helped with the repacking and distribution of the  food packs:  Mitche Pelayo, Kristine Mae Balasta, Sandria Barnedo Criza, Mae Balmes, Mark Anthony Barquin, Zymon Balinquit, Charles Chua, Lyziel Tanauan, Loumarie Rodriguez, Crisel Joy Oliva, Shane Karl Rodriguez, John Lee de Jesus, Maristela Ilagan, Realynn Mendoza and Elijah Adrielle Balin in Albay.

Thank you, too, to Mr. Philip Lacay, his friends and relatives in Barangay Rizal West who  successfully delivered house-to-house the relief items to the most affected residents of Barangay Rizal West, Sorsogon.

The recipients said: “Thank you very much to all members and officers of BAMI for choosing Sorsogon to be one of the recipients of your pandemic relief operation, and most especially to RNV Construction for its untiring support for the Bicol association on  Saipan. BAMI and RNV Construction will not be forgotten by the people of Barangay Rizal West District, Sorsogon. Mabuhay! Dios Mabalos!

BAMI would also like to wholeheartedly express our gratitude to the kindness and generosity of the pandemic relief operation donor, engineer Ruel R. Villacrusis, general manager, RNV Construction of Saipan. Without your financial assistance, BAMI’s goal to help our affected kababayan back home would not have been possible.

Thank you, too, to KWAW 100.3 FM and other BAMI supporters.

Likewise, the officers and board members of BAMI — Noel Ordas, Jordan Danao, Jimmy Blancia, Carlito Marquez, Loida Fuentebella, Sandra and Jun Miday, Boyet Escober, Marlon Regaton, Walter Brillo — would like to say thank you for all the help they received in the pandemic relief operation.



Acting Secretary

BAMI Inc., Saipan

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