GOVERNMENT corruption in China is suppressing the real number of Covid-19 cases and fatalities there.  China’s Communist government will also not mention the number of people who died in the mega floods that swept away a lot of communities as well as those buried by landslides.

China is hiding evidence of its atrocities, but the government there cannot hide from the eye in the sky and in the whole universe. God!

Meanwhile, China’s Communists continue to bully their neighbors Taiwan, Japan, India, Vietnam and the Philippines, and they are also threatening  Guam.

It's bad enough that America’s Republicans and Democrats are totally divided on what is moral  and ethical. I don't want no part of their blame games because I am just a U.S. swing voter.

What people have to realize is the more we ignore China’s atrocities the closer we are to war.

In the U.S. there have been super floods in Houston, Florida and New Orleans, and there were also a lot of families in Seattle, California and Oregon who were displaced by wildfires.

Then add the ongoing coronavirus flare up. No wonder America's first responders are hard-pressed to do their jobs effectively.

Meanwhile, the families who we're affected the most on the East and West Coasts are still trying to pick up the broken pieces of their lives.

I’m a student and descendant of traditional and master navigators like Mau Piailug, and traditional healers like my Grandma and Dad.

They talked to their dead ancestors and recently I dreamed that they warned me about a mega tidal wave in the Pacific. I saw it myself in my dream.

I believe that vision of a mega tidal wave is a clear warning to  China and the U.S.

But I won't be sandwiched by two  countries who took turns in  abusing my Chinese-American wife.

She is unwell and the Oregon state took her away from me. The state officials may believe they are above the law but I am a U.S. international investigative journalist who will continue to expose their wrongdoing.

My Dad wanted me to become a journalist, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I love my Dad so much so I will continue doing my job as a supernatural journalist from Saipan, U.S.A. who has seen the sacred vision of  master navigators and traditional healers.

I don't talk to the spirits of the dead like they did, but I respect their supernatural knowledge.

So my point is, why all this conflict of interest in the Pacific? Do you think you’re all powerful and all mighty? That tidal wave I saw in my dream was way bigger than China  and the U.S.

So here is my message to the U.S. and China: bring it on because you  are the same when it comes to injustice.

In my dream, the tidal wave from the deep Pacific wiped out all nuclear warheads. I woke up and prayed for my wife. I also prayed that my vision would never happen in our lifetime.

In conclusion, I just listen to the Guy upstairs to uphold my tribe and my people and their deadly moral law which is a real warning to world leaders.



Portland, Oregon

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