LET’S stop the election lies and  corruption because it doesn't look good for the American image.

Here in the U.S., the Republicans kicked out Liz Cheney because she doesn't agree with their election lies and  the corruption cover-up of the  GOP.

When lawmakers lie to make themselves look good it only makes them look like fools.

It doesn't do any good for the CNMI GOP to lie either.

In Oregon, a state mental health entity lied to take my wife away from me. I am sure the Oregon Democrats will do their best to lie about my wife, too.

Look at the local GOP in the CNMI. They lie too much and they are not to be trusted. Make no mistake: their conflict of interest is obvious.

Even though the local GOP has crashed and burned three casinos they have no shame when it comes to all the U.S. federal grants that the CNMI is receiving. They are blinded by greed and they still think they have credibility. They don't care.

In Oregon, which is run by Democrats, state mental health authorities are hoping to cover up what they are doing to my wife, but they can't because I am a U.S. journalist from Saipan USA.

I cannot take these shady, crafty and clever  organizations to court because I didn't create this family crisis.  And going to a family court will lead to another cover-up so I will fight them on the public stage.

The bottom-line is that corruption pertaining to the issues of mental health and homelessness has never been addressed by both parties so I hope the FBI will look into it.

I don't trust the Oregon Department of Justice. I only trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I’ve tried to talk to everyone but I only go in circles because of the systemic racism in Oregon’s mental health department.

The national GOP and Democrats are addicted to greed and dishonesty but not this current U.S. President and Vice President.

These two are very serious about cracking down on any corrupt organizations.

And the fact that my parents were traditional healers and I am a U.S. college journalist  doesn't bode well for Oregon’s mental health image because I know U.S. law.

I will do my best for victims of government corruption and abuse of power.

I'm not surprised that they treat me like garbage but I will continue to speak out against corruption.

I helped build Oregon hospitals and homes but today I see people destroy them because of two-faced ideologies and conflict of interest.

I am just trying to tell the whole world that family comes first and it's part of my job to protect my wife.

When Jesus told the parable of the lost sheep he was teaching us reverse psychology so I must never give up.



Portland, Oregon

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