THIS is to express my personal gratitude to the Emon Masonic Lodge 179.  This Tuesday morning, June 22, 2021, at the manamko’ center in Chinatown, the masons donated $1,000 to the manamko’ council. I'm sure that the manamko’ organization, which is chartered, could use the donation in more ways than one.

I know there are, of course, other people, organizations as well as commercial establishments, who have provided the manamko’ with their wonderful donations, services, luncheons, receptions or facilities. These organizations donated to the welfare of the manamko’ such as Tan Holdings-Fiesta Resort, Kensington, LaoLao Golf, PIC, Coral Ocean Golf Resort, Aqua Resort, Mariana Resort/Kan Pacific in Marpi, our delegate to the U.S. Congress, Greg Kilili Camacho Sablan, the Matua Riders, the governor's office,  public and private schools, Southern High, etc.

 And if I do miss a donor or two — my sincere apology. It is inadvertent, and I'll try, my second time around, to be more attentive and embracing. 

Thank you very much this time to Tan Holdings and Emon Masonic Lodge 179. I'm quite sure that our Office on Aging Director Walter Atalig Manglona and our manamko’ president Gina are also graciously appreciative of the donations this Tuesday. 


Garapan, Saipan

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