A WHILE back I wrote an Op-ed on Liberalism v Conservatism showing how “liberal Democrats promote change and NEW methodologies while conservative Republicans try to keep things like they are.” It’s clear the conservative Republicans have been winning because the CNMI is still pretty much the SAME way it was thirty years ago and in some cases things are even WORSE Off!  WE the People are in a real battle to CHANGE the ideology & methodologies of our government that can ONLY happen by changing the control of our Government from Republicans to Democrats. These conservative Republicans haven’t given the People anything to be excited about, as WE the People were against the casino — just think about it VOTERS!

The CNMI needs leaders who are “liberal not conservative” because conservative minds will NEVER have “progressive ideas” nor will they adopt new ideas from those who are not LOYAL to the Republicans. The Governor was only “gaslighting voters” when he asked for ideas because he didn’t even try to implement anything new. More importantly, the LAST thing this Governor and Republicans want is for Ambrose Milton Bennett, who is a real Economist, to be known for or given credit for something that made things better in the CNMI — the racism I keep telling VOTERS about. 

Now we are learning from the Tour Guides that the Travel Bubble was not executed properly to achieve the most in returns for the CNMI. I keep telling readers these Republicans virtually KILL everything they touch when it comes to our economy due to their “conservative mind-set.” I even wrote about the conservative Tourism Bubble that was only for South Koreans, when it should have been for ALL to maximize on potential Tourism Markets but they can’t even handle one market — Duh! The wisdom of “if we build it, they will come” was even misused by these Republicans with their Casino that is an “old and outdated economic methodology” as even Las Vegas had to change to a family-oriented destination to keep-up with change. So, when I started pushing a progressive agenda for the CNMI to become a “family destination for all countries with the first and only Theme Park in this part of the Pacific” it just fell on deaf conservative ears. The Theme Park idea looks even BETTER now but this Governor won’t even consider it much less TRY — more racism-defeatism, just think about it VOTERS.

Political Science even dictates the Legalization of Marijuana by our Republicans was more of a “moderate decision” and not liberal because Legalization was already OLD news. And PLEASE don’t forget that if not for my LIBERAL efforts, the Cannabis & Hemp Industries might still be on the drawing-board, as I virtually did ALL the Public Education, ALL of the Economic Research in Colorado and even a large portion of the work in drafting the Bill. People at church even told me “Mr. Bennett, I was against legalization until I started reading your articles that really make sense.” But this Governor and his Crew acted like I didn’t even exist when it came to hiring QUALIFIED People for jobs to develop these two industries — more racism-defeatism of “Locals Only” regardless of their LACK of qualifications and LACK of effort in the fight for Legalization- just LOYALTY over MERIT.  Now after over five years, the Cannabis Tourism is still in its infancy and they haven’t even started on the Hemp Industry — HELLER VOTERS!

There is a saying about people who are looking for a goldmine but won’t accept any advice only for someone else to discover they were standing on it — they are called “FOOLS”! With all due respect, it’s really foolish for us to continuing thinking these Republicans are going to find a Goldmine for us especially with their CONSERVATIVE & LOYALTY Standards of Operation — VOTE Liberal — vote Democrat! To be continued: One people One Direction 

 The writer is an Economist, Political Scientist, retired teacher, former CNMI Board of Education Member, James Madison Fellow (U.S. Constitutional Scholar), a Fulbright-Hays & Humanities Scholar who resides in Kagman III.

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