REGARDING   SCS 2nd Notice To Cease & Ban Archaeological Work in the CNMI.

Hafa Adai Mr. Deleon Guerrero and Mrs. Chong-Dela Cruz:

This is to inform you that we had previously requested both your offices, DCCA and HPO, to cease archaeological work and stop any permit issuance to Dr. Michael Dega, Scientific Consultant  Services Inc., David Perzinski, and his associates.

As you are aware, SCS Dr. Dega, David Perzinski, and his associates were paid $3 .2 million as the contracted archaeologist for the Best Sunshine International  Grand Mariana  Casino and Imperial Pacific International Imperial Pacific Resort in 2015.

Both DCCA and HPO were aware of the 2015 desecration that occurred at the 1100 A.D. ancient Chamorro village of Anaguan, the construction site of the Grand Mariana Casino and Imperial Pacific Resort where over 400 ancient Chamorro human remains and artifacts were disinterred, removed, and displaced from their natural grave site.

This request to cease all archaeological work done and to stop the issuance of HPO permit to Dr. Dega, SCS and his associates stemmed from the serious issues and concerns raised in the two independent reviews, 2016 and 2017, conducted by Dr. James Bayman, University of Hawai'i Department of Anthropology and Archaeology on the report of Dr. Dega's and SCS's three months archaeological work performed from March 2015 to June 2015 at Anaguan village, the modern day Garapan business district.

To this date, DCCA and HPO have yet to respond to our inquiry on the status of Dr. Dega's and SCS's Final Archaeological Data Recovery Report  for Anaguan that has been in "status quo" in both of your offices since 2015, and since your predecessors, Robert H. Hunter and Mertie Towai-Kani, respectively.

We have yet to be informed on the status of the mitigation on the violations, fines, and sanctions by the government against both the contracted archaeologist and the contractor — investor and developer.

We have been informed and understand that the DCCA and HPO in collaboration with other regulatory agencies continue to issue HPO archaeological permit to Dr. Michael Dega,  Scientific Consultants Services  Inc., and his associates to dig and disturb our sacred and invaluable archaeological  sites in Saipan  and Tinian when there are series of grave concerns from the 2015 archaeological  digging that have yet to be addressed and mitigated  by  CNMI regulatory  agencies, the investor and developer, Imperial  Pacific International LLC., and Dr.  Dega,  Scientific Consultant  Services Inc.

We, therefore,  submit our  request that the CNMI Government Department  of Community  and Cultural  Affairs and its Division  of Historic Preservation CEASE all archaeological work, and STOP an archaeological permit issuance to Dr. Michael Dega, David Perzinski, Scientific Consultant Services LLC, and associates.

In the meantime, we are requesting a list of all permits issued to Dr. Michael Dega, David Perzinski, Scientific Consultants  Services Inc., including all associates and affiliates of Dr. Dega's archaeological work here in the CNMI. This request is hereby submitted under the CNMI's Open Government Act and the Federal Freedom of Information Act.

Si Yu'us Ma'asi,



MATUA Council for Chamorro Advancement

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