AT around 6:30 p.m. of Nov. 8, 2021, I was driving up to our home in Kagman.  Shortly after I just passed the San Vicente Church, I heard a very loud sound. I was wondering what was that sound all about but I just ignored it.  I kept on driving but as I drove, I realized that my car was moving very slow with a flopping sound.  I pulled over to the closest store in San Vicente to find out what was going on with my car.  To my surprise, I had a flat tire.  Immediately I called my husband to rescue me. 

As he was fixing my flat tire, three young men and a young lady wearing red T-shirts with the word “Cadet” came out of the store. They saw my husband perspiring trying to loosen the knobs of the tire.

These young people were from Rota and they were Drey Apatang, Felix Atalig and Dwayne Blas and the lovely lady was Marnecia Hocog.  They came over to us to offer their help.  My husband and I were relieved to have these young people so energetic and ready to offer their services.  They all worked as a team.  The task was just replacing of a flat tire but they were very professional in their delivery of the service. They have exemplified strong leadership and services to others in need of help such as me.

Mr. Mendiola, I salute these young people for coming to our rescue.  It reminded me of Jesus’s teaching to serve others in need (Mark 10:35-45). They were the good Samaritans. They have the charismatic zeal to be great firefighters of the CNMI.

From the very bottom of our hearts, my husband and I wholeheartedly express our thank you and Si Yuus Maase to these great firefighters, and you should be very proud of them as part of your team.



Kagman III, Saipan

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