MISTER Chair,  this  letter  is regarding the  May  13, 2021 articles  in  Marianas Variety  and Saipan  Tribune  which  were about  your  concerns  about the  finances  of the  former  Northern Marianas  Trades  Institute and  current Northern  Marianas   Technical   Institute.    At  that   meeting   you  asked, "Where's the  money  and  why  did  NMTI have  only  $ 13,000 in its bank account" when  $750,000 had been appropriated and transferred to NMTI during FY 2020.

The short  answer  to your  inquiry  is: that  information is located  in the Interim  CEO's laptop, which was delivered to the Interim  CEO by Trustee Richard Kautz   on  April  6,  2021.    That  laptop  was  transferred  from  R & R accounting services  upon   your  request.    If the  NMTI  Interim   CEO  is updating NMTI’s  ongoing  expenses/disbursements and  monitoring the amount in the bank from April 6 on, (the day I was no longer of service to NMTI), you will find where  the money  went.

I trust that you and the other trustees  reviewed the Committee Report on Transition section on "Audit & Finance Transition Sub-Committee Report," which   the   NMTI   board   of  directors  had   reviewed,   updated  and submitted to all members of the board of trustees. That report shows that of the $750,000, $586,118 was to be used for the salary and benefits  of the instructors,   bus  drivers,   and   student   services   personnel;   and   that $163,882 was to be used  to pay for instructional and administrative costs.

I  take  this  opportunity to respond to  your  concern  and  assure  you  that  the misuse  of the $750,000 of CW funds  was never  ever considered on my part.   In fact, I gave eight months,  five days a week, and most of the time more than eight hours  a day of free services to NMTI when the employees  of NMTI were furloughed, so that  the institution would not be shut down. At all times, I was fully aware and gravely  concerned  that our EDA partner would  consider the total  shutdown of NMTI negatively towards awarding NMTI the $10 million  for its new facility.

Chairman Valentino,  if you have any questions  or lack information regarding this or other related  topics,  please  invite me  for  explanations or answers  instead of addressing such concerns via the local media.



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