I JUST returned from the CNMI Bureau of Motor Vehicles  at Civic Center where my request for a renewal of my driver's permit was refused because I don't have a U.S. passport or a birth certificate. I am a bona fide part-Saipan Chamorro and part-Saipan Carolinian, aka Chamolinian. I was born in Garapan, Saipan, and I worked on island for just about 21 years as a Chalan Kanoa school teacher; at SaiShip; at the TTPI Payroll Accounting Section; as a police officer assigned to the Marianas District Attorney’s Office under TTPI AG Shoecraft and DA Dick Backley as trial assistant. I also worked for District Administrator Frank C. Ada, and for a short time for Resident Commissioner Dr. Erwin Canham, then transferred over to the First CNMI House under Speaker Oscar Rasa, and then to the First CNMI Senate.

But the guy at the driver's license issuing section refused to renew my driver’s license because I didn't have a U.S. passport or a birth certificate. The BMV guy didn't explain to me why he needed either document. He kept repeating that he needed to see either a U.S. passport or a birth certificate, and that without either document, he wouldn't renew my driver’s license. Why is BMV requiring a U.S. passport or a birth certificate? I'm a Chamolinian fluent in Chamorro, English, and part Saipanese Carolinian languages.

Is it the mindset of a U.S. border patrol assigned to the border between Mexico and U.S. or maybe to make sure that I'm not a CW? The BMV staff should be discreet.

Anyway, since it's a renewal, BMV should have my record in its files.


Garapan, Saipan

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