ALL this fighting rhetoric between the U.S. and China must be solved diplomatically and peacefully. This is not the time to be monkeying around. This coronavirus has kicked the rears of the United States, China and every other country on this planet.

I believe we must use force to put corrupt leaders in prison and stop the overflow of victims of war, drug exploitation or sex slaves. We cannot let countries kill our fellow humans. We are here to help people.

We as a country are responsible for the people of our country and if world leaders do not do their job than they cannot come to the United States because you are not doing your job for your people. And if you  kill people, we will hunt you down with our military force.

How long are we going to listen to  all this nonsense rhetoric? Right now this deadly coronavirus is our enemy #1. You cannot even see what will kill you instantly down the road. We all could be wiped without anyone firing nuclear missiles.

We must not cling to the old ideas that have plunged the world into chaos today because we are not helping our people. We end up abusing them whenever we think we are so powerful.

I do not know about you leaders but just give me my wife back and leave me out of your global corruption and stop abusing your own people.

All world leaders must stop corruption and be honest to their own people for once.

 We are ready to defend the golden rule and we will not be intimidated by any government.

I am from the tiny U.S. territory of Saipan, and you are either with me or against me. I will not back down ever.  I will fight for Saipan and the U.S. but I am also for peace.

War will destroy us all regardless of what language we speak. I want peace because families matter.

As a U.S. citizen married to a Chinese-American, it’s like I’m in a love-hate relationship. But family first, as  I told my wife.

And if you think everything should be about power and money than go back to rule #1: our Boss, God, is always right. No one is more powerful than our Father upstairs.

Think before you implement any stupid or hasty idea because I already know and see what is coming, and it is for me to report and for you to figure out.

This flying canoe we’re on now could sink deep into the Marianas Trench and it’s scary because you could see a can of SPAM.


Portland, Oregon

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