WHY would some people in government think that a son of two natural traditional healers from U.S.-CNMI was labeled the bad guy in his fight for justice and his wife’s freedom? Oregon health authorities took her from me. They think they are untouchable because they have been getting away with their misconduct.

We’re talking about shady organizations connected to a shady government body that benefits from opioid profits for years now.

I am not a whistleblower. I am a college student/journalist who discontinued college to attend to his wife’s mental illness only for people connected to the government to swoop in and take my wife.

I met my wife when I came home to Saipan to honor my Dad who had passed away. She left China to seek freedom from oppression.  My wife told me about the working conditions in China. It was shocking. My Dad and grandma were healers so my job is to protect my Chinese American wife.

After we got married, we moved to Portland where my worst nightmare about marriage life became a reality.  I was shocked that a state government of my own country, the U.S., would misuse the  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act to take away my wife. I was heartbroken, devastated and outraged.

The woman I was trying to protect with all my heart fell through the cracks of a corrupt system that coerces and deceives people. This is abuse of power and I was even forced into therapy and treatments. They think they are smarter than a U.S.-CNMI journalist.

A family clinician later selected me to be part of a core peer group who would go to Portland State University.

But these so-called clinic counselors lack compassion and understanding. This immoral, systemic racism I face everyday is unacceptable.

It was my Dad who wanted me to be a journalist. I loved basketball but Dad said I should love justice more.

Coming from a family of traditional healers, it’s in my blood to be compassionate, forgiving and protective.

It has been five years since the state authorities took my wife. The Oregon state government still insists they are right and I am wrong even though over 535,000 have already died of Covid-19 in the U.S.

I think today my Dad is looking down at his long-suffering son, nudging me everyday to stay sincere and strong as an international U.S. journalist from Saipan.

I am not scared of any government in this world. All the cover-ups and wrongdoing I confront are just part of the systemic corruption that exists from the West Coast to the East Coast and around the globe.

My Dad worked for the federal government delivering hot lunch to the senior citizens of Saipan. That is no different from my job as a  neighborhood volunteer in  Portland where I deliver 300 to 400 food boxes every two weeks to the elderly.

In closing, my hope is to keep living up to my Dad’s advice regarding truth and justice for all humanity in this pandemic world.

I  will continue to volunteer out of the goodness of my Dad’s loving heart and in memory of my Grandma’s compassion and kindness.


Portland, Oregon

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